New to bittorrent? Read the help. You may open the help anytime by "hardware menu"->"help".

Q. No search engines, what should I do?
A. Please following the guide to add your search engines
Torrent Engines Help

Q. How can I open/play the downloaded files/movies?
A. Select files to download

Q. Why is the download the speed so slow?
A. aDownloader is a bittorrent client like vuze on PC, pleae visit vuze wiki for this issue

Q. Why does WIFI connection break when downloading torrent?
A. May be that your WIFI crashes because it cannot handle many connections, lower "Max Connections" may fix. pleae visit vuze wiki for this issue

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aDownloader is a native bit torrent (bittorrent) downloader based on P2P protocol. It uses lots of network ,CPU and memory resources while downloading, thus consumes your battery power quickly,and tons of data will be transferred. It is recommended that you use unlimited data plan like WIFI and plug your phone when downloading. aDownloader is also a HTTP downloader with break-and-resume feature, suitable to download large size using direct HTTP link.

The general steps to use aDownlaoder is:
1. Search torrents/HTTP link
2. Select files to download
3. Check status of downloading
4. View downloaded files

1. Search torrents/HTTP link
Search torrents using the built-in search engines:
Tap the search icon, enter a term you interested, tap search icon again, or "Done"/"Enter" of soft keyboard, or your phone's hardware search button to begin the search.
aDownloader is a bit torrent downloader, which means that the download rate heavily depends on the seeds and peers available in the p2p network. Try to find torrent with many seeds and peers.
In search, the information like "S:563 L:56", number following "S" stands for number of seeds, number following "L" is number of peers.
Short tap on a search result to initiate the downloading.
If you cannot found your interested torrent using internal engine, you may go to the bittorrent websites using Android web browser and download the torrents by "Share link" using aDownloader.
If you have torrent files on your sdcard (either by copied from your pc/laptop or downloaded with a third-party application), you may also these torrents using the "Add Torrent" function.

2. Select files to download
After you initiate the download, you are prompted to select the files to download in the torrent.
Note that due to P2P protocol and performance consideration, actual downloading will download more data than the selected filesĄŻ size, the extra files will be deleted when the download completes.

3. Check status of downloading
Information "Peers 12/256" means, currently there are total 256 peers found, and 12 peers are connected.
When the progress bar turns green and the status is seeding, the download is finished. And the files you downloaded are now being shared so that other peers can download from you. The seeding task will finish after a specified time, which can be set in the setting.
The default seeding time is 1 hour, the seeding task may also finish if the number of seeding task exceeds the "Max Seeding" limit.
You are encouraged to seed as much as possible as this is how bit torrent works.
You may also stop seeding manually, when the task is seeding, you may tap on the task and select "Remove Task" to force the task to finish. Note that "Remove task/files " also remove the downloaded files, use "remove task" to keep the downloaded files. You may select "Sort" to sort the downloading items.

4. View downloaded files
Tap the "Downloaded" tab, tap on a downloaded item, choose "Open" will open one of the file downloaded, the open file is the largest file in the torrent.
When a download complete, you are also prompted to view the files.
You may need to install other applications in order to open the downloaded files. By default the files are saved to /sdcard/aDownloader/. You may install a file manager like astro to browse.
To play movies, you may need to install a player like vitalplayer. Native player does not support many formats.